Our parish is located in central Uganda, historicaly called Buganda, in the Masaka diocese/district.

Website of the Masaka Catholic Diocese is here.

According to the parish statistics, we have around 320,000 parishioners. Among them greater number consists of peasant farmers. They are people who are convinced of their religion and they are really prayerful and dedicated Christians. We are four priests stationed for pastoral duties in the parish, whereby two are aged.

The inhabitants in the vicinity are depending on cultivation which often gives little for their survival. They mainly grow crops ranging between bananas, maize, coffee, pineapples and beans but on a small scale for domestic use only.

We have more than 63 schools and a number of health centers in the parish to serve.


We are targeting old people who are extremely poor, single mothers and their children since they are many in this parish due to the effect of HIV because it is known in the history that this area is the most affected region by AIDS.