1. We support poor, diseased, elder or young, all in need in the name of charity love. We serve tens, in times of crisis even hundreds of people. For a lot of people we are the only hope.
  2. In the longer term we intend to prevent collapsing of the old parish building and rebuild it so as the surroundings.
  3. To realize our dream of bringing up children well-formed and highly spiritually nourished, to reduce the congestion in classes (80 pupils per class in average), to support teachers and their heroic efforts.
  4. In the matter of years to build small healthcare centers to provide everyday treatment in the area.
  5. Despite the fact that 50% of the population of Uganda is younger than 20 we like to care for the elderly also. In 5 years we want to build the house for the elderly.
  6. Try to reduce the number of HIV infected, more on that to care for the diseased, mainly children and orphans.
  7. Evangelize people and teach them catechism, lead people to the true humanity. It means to develop living spirituality, to build and keep chapels, churches, social centers, organize culture events and festivals.

Construction of a school

We have managed to start the construction of a school of three rooms for the candidates for catechesis. This was done by some contribution from schools in the parish and people of good will. This work has been done by only local contribution.

Before the start of the work.

The New House for the Elderly

We introduced our intentions to build the new house fot the elderly, which are very rare. The idea was very well accepted and welcomed in the organized celebration for seniors.